Halep’s millionaire boyfriend got her father’s blessing

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Halep’s millionaire boyfriend got her father’s blessing

Toni Iuruc, the successful businessman who captured Simona Halep’s heart, made the next step in marrying his soulmate. The mysterious boyfriend asked Simona’s father for his approval to propose the Wimbledon champion.

And he got it, but with one condition, according to a Romanian tabloid site - Cancan.ro. Stere Halep - Simo’s father -, told Toni Iuruc that he doesn’t have any reasons to hurry up the things. Halep’s father doesn’t want his daughter’s performance on the field to be affected by the private life events, more specifically by the wedding.

Therefore, he advised the businessman to wait, at least until September next year, when Halep would have finished all the four Grand Slams. On the other hand, Halep doesn’t agree with his father. For Simona, personal life is more important than her tennis career.

"Now I am more relaxed and open. I have a dear person. We have a normal relationship, I feel very well. But I would like it to stay personal. I belong to Romania when it's about tennis. Love and tennis can coincide, but I think personal life is the most important one.

I am dating someone and I would never be able to sacrifice my family for tennis”. said Halep in an interview for TVR1. Also, even if she spends almost all of her days wandering the world, Simona pointed out that she wants to hold her wedding in Romania.

“I would like my wedding to be in Romania. I don’t know if here, at the sea, at Constanța, or somewhere else. I wouldn’t like to dream something and don’t manage to make it real, but I would like to have as many people, family and friends besides me”.

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