Boris Becker gets fined after using mobile phone while driving

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Boris Becker gets fined after using mobile phone while driving

Boris Becker was seen using his mobile phone with the right hand while driving a Mercedes Benz car in London. He did not wear a seabelt either and he got next to a Chelsea Embankment. Through a statement Becker said: “I observed the driver...

travelling at around 10-15mph and accelerating. I could clearly see the driver and sole occupant was holding an iPhone 7 in his right hand and was operating the device with his right thumb." He got fined and some points got reduced on his driving licence.

An officer said: As I spoke to the driver at the side of the road, he opened the handset and I could clearly see that a text message was in the process of being typed." On his mental approach heading into Vienna Open after the Asian swing, Dominic Thiem said: "I have taken all of the confidence back to Austria.

Beijing was really good and I can’t complain about Shanghai either. The difficult phase from Cincinnati and New York is now helping me because I am still fresh and fit. I’m feeling pretty good right now. After my return I took two days off, then a day in the gym and since yesterday I’m on the court again.

Today I had a long and really good practice. So, yes, I’m feeling good. From tomorrow I’ll only play points so that I’m ready for my first round match next Tuesday." On the Stadthalle venue, Thiem concluded: "I will be playing here for the tenth time.

It’s by far the first tournament I’ve ever watched live. All in all I’ll be here for the twentieth time or so – and it’s still special every single time. Yesterday I made the first hits on the court, which is also something truly special. Just imagining that the arena will be full in a few days is fantastic."