Loic Courteau Speaks About Lucas Pouille's Injury and Season

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Loic Courteau Speaks About Lucas Pouille's Injury and Season

Tennis - Loic Courteau, the coach of Lucas Pouille, says that the French tennis player has been suffering from elbow pain throughout the Asian swing post the US Open which has resulted in him ending his season early. In an interview to L'Equipe, Courteau says, "Lucas has had elbow pain Lucas on the whole Asian tour, it came little by little.

Examinations revealed bone edema. We did not want to take the risk so that it does not get worse. Basically, it takes four weeks to stop without forcing pressure on the elbow." Speaking about his 2019 season, Courteau says, "We realize that when he is well, in confidence, his great potential causes him to make big shots.

A Grand Slam semifinal (at the Australian Open), it's fantastic. But on a full season, it is not consistent enough. The first goal was to make him more consistent. We do not know too much the effect of this flu at the beginning of the year after Melbourne.

It made him completely flat, it cut his momentum. When you no longer have the confidence, you start to doubt, you go off again in a cycle while you left on a very good basis. The goal for a boy like Lucas is to be much more consistent.

The more you earn consistently and you make good results, the more often you play with the best, the more chances you have to beat them. This year, there have been ups and downs." Speaking about the Frenchman's game, Courteau adds, "I would say that trust brings him plan B.

I mean by that his game must be more consistent. This consistency he has with confidence. In Australia, he controlled his game, he did not hit everything. When he is not confident, he does not control his game, the important points ...

We tried to work on it. It is not acquired yet. This is not enough today. That's the job we still have to do. Lucas had a semi-final in a Grand Slam and many other very good results in his career. That means he did not make it by chance.

He has the potential to redo it. At one point or another, if he is in his element, there is no reason. Anyway, you have to work, work, work. We must avoid these air holes, who, as Amélie (Mauresmo) may have said, are sometimes linked to frustration.

There must be a lot less. He has just got married, the planets are beginning to line up, he is getting better and better in his life."