Nadal's wedding is over, but Halep comes next after 2020 US Open

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Nadal's wedding is over, but Halep comes next after 2020 US Open

After Nadal’s wedding with Maria Francisca Parello caught the headlines, Simona Halep is probably the next top player who will leave the single status. Her boyfriend, Toni Iuruc, was advised by her father to make the wedding after Simona will participate in the 2020 US Open.

Halep’s millionaire boyfriend received a green light from the Wimbledon champion’s father just a week before Nadal tied the knot with his long-term girlfriend. The Spaniard started dating Maria Parello around 2005, so that means 14 years full of romantic dinners, roses and chocolate boxes sent by the king of clay, presumably.

Halep’s relationship with Toni Iuruc was unveiled only this year. If the couple will follow Nadal’s example, Simona will have 42 years while Iuruc 54 before they will unite their destinies. However, this is a very unlikely development as the businessman already made his first step into marrying the woman who stole his heart.

Therefore, in less than a year, we could see Halep dressed into her future designer made wedding dress. And if Nadal and Maria held their wedding at La Fortaleza, Mallorca, Simona is planning to do it in her home country, Romania, either at seaside or somewhere else.

“I would like my wedding to be in Romania. I don’t know if here, at the sea, at Constanța, or somewhere else. I wouldn’t like to dream something and don’t manage to make it real, but I would like to have as many people, family and friends besides me” said Simona.