John Isner becomes father again

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John Isner becomes father again

John Isner became father of a boy, for the second time in his career overall. The American player's wife Madison had given birth for the first time in September 2018, now in October 2019. "We’re now a party of four!

Say hello to John Hobbs Isner born on Oct 20. My little girl couldn’t be prouder to be a big sister and my wife @madkool13 couldn’t be more amazing. I don’t know how you do it. You are and will be the best mother possible", wrote Isner on Instagram.

Isner spoke about his 12-year career: "It's crazy to think about", he said. "I mean, 2007 doesn't really seem like that long ago. It's nuts. It's crazy to think... I rarely play a match on tour nowadays where I'm the younger player.

It will happen every so often. I'm certainly a veteran at this point. I've been on the tour for the better part of 12 years now. But I think one thing I have going for me is we've all seen how tennis has evolved, both sides of the game, men and women can play into their 30s.

It's encouraging for me. I think tennis is in a unique spot, a very cool spot. You have the older generation. Talk about the top three. The rankings haven't changed in 10 years. It's amazing. Then you have all these young guys that are very, very good.

They've emerged in the last two years, trying to dethrone all the older guys ranked ahead of them. It's a cool mix of guys right now on the ATP Tour." Asked why he was called grandpa in college, Isner replied: "I just move slow.

It's not just on the court. I'm slow on the court, too. Just takes me a while to get going. Just one of those things, yeah. It's not like I'm doing my hair or anything. Just can't get off the couch."