Dayana Yastremska Says Training at Henin Academy Helped Mental Discipline

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Dayana Yastremska Says Training at Henin Academy Helped Mental Discipline

19-year-old Ukrainian Dayana Yastremska says working at the Justine Henin Academy in Belgium has helped her game and that she is looking for a new coach. The 24th ranked Yastremska says, "It's been a good time being there (at the Henin Academy) and big experience.

I can say she gave me a really good part of mental discipline and in everything on the court, off the court and that I think is the main goal she gave me because our tennis styles are completely different. When I was practicing there, I wasn't really working on technical stuff.

It was more about mental discipline and that kind of thing. I stopped working with Olivier before Asia. It wasn't easy to play all tournaments without a coach, but it's good I had my parents with me, my father because he's with me since I'm young.

It was good. He really helped me a lot. About a coach, it's always difficult to find the right coach because it has to be not just the person who teaches you on the court, it has to be also someone with who you spend all the time, all your time, so it has to be a good person.

You really need to feel him. I can say I will have a really great team for the new season. Speaking about her success this year, Yastremska says, "I think I was just trying to play all year with my kind of tennis and I've always been searching for what is my kind of tennis.

I've tried to make my game more varied and I try to stay really aggressive and powerful, but I take huge experience from this year that I have to be more unpredictable on the court. I'm going to work in preseason on trying to be more stable and varied.

I think I've always had big dreams since I've been young and I know not all of them are coming true as you want it and not that fast, but I think there is always the right time for the right moments. I think you have to always put your goals as high as possible, dream big.

It sounds really simple, but it's true. About confidence, I think that I still don't know my limits, so I'm really just trying to search myself and get much better and perfect myself. The Ukrainian also has a younger sister who is playing the under12 circuit currently and says she hopes she can help her sister with her experience but wants her sister to be her own person.

"So, first of all, is that I really want her to be her version, you know. I want her to be the best version of herself. I don't want her to be like me, you know. She's also aggressive. She has a better feeling and she's clever for her age.

I am really proud of her. I want her to play some tournaments, Tennis Europe tournaments and then I want her to move to the ITF's as fast as possible and I think that if I will be doing good in the WTA, she will have much more opportunity to get faster to the WTA.

Of course, I am going to share my experience with her. I think that she can be a really good player and she's really working hard now. I don't know why she decided to be a professional tennis player as it's really hard work. We will see. I hope she will get there."