Sloane Stephens is excited about the new Game of Thrones prequel

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Sloane Stephens is excited about the new Game of Thrones prequel

After HBO Channel waved the flag to start the production of the new Game of Thrones prequel, ‘House of the Dragon’, Sloane Stephens spread the novelty with her social media followers. According to the cable network, the new series has been granted with a full 10-episode order.

‘House of the Dragon’ takes place 300 years before the original GOT series, which ended in this year’s May. Now fallen out of the WTA’s top 20 players and with the end of the season knocking at the door, Sloane received great news from the famous American cable network.

Stephens was so happy about the announcement that she shared the news with her Instagram followers along with the message: “IYKYK” (If you know, you know). Besides this, the former US Open winner continued her Instagram story by sharing a picture of Emilia Clarke, the actress who portrays Daenerys Targaryen, one of the main roles in the series.

The shared post contained the words: “Emilia Clarke is our queen. She will always be our queen”.

In the end, there is no surprise in Stephens promoting ‘Game of Thrones’. She talked enthusiastically about the series earlier this year, in an interview for WTA Insider.

"[The Battle of Winterfell] was the best episode of Game of Thrones ever. It was a little dark. I was like, is it my TV? What the hell is going on? It was dark in the sense of everyone was dying. And it was dark in like, literally the screen was dark.

I can't see anything and it was foggy and s**t. I was like, is it supposed to be like this? There was a lot of confusion. I mean Arya? Let's be real. Who saw that coming? But I definitely saw that coming because I was like, where the hell did she go for 15 minutes? I was like where is she? And then she comes back and does one of these things [lifts arm]. It's a lot. I'm really looking forward to the next episode."