Dating Alja Tomljanovic helped Matteo Berrettini, says coach

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Dating Alja Tomljanovic helped Matteo Berrettini, says coach

One of Matteo Berrettini's coaches Umberto Rianna praised the 23-year-old Italian player after clinching the final spot for the ATP Finals in London. "Matteo was amazing on any aspect", Rianna told SportFace. "We would lie if at the beginning of the year we said we wanted to reach the ATP Finals.

We started understanding that things were changing during the grass-court tournaments. It is an unbelievable success that comes from very far. A lot of credit needs to be given to the player, but what his coach Vincenzo Santopadre, who has been helping him for many years, was big.

Vincenzo, with the entire team built step by step a historical achievement. Besides Vincenzo, we should also thank the mental coach Stefano Massari who did an amazing job especially over the last few months, the trainer Roberto Squadrone, the physioterapist and also the sponsors like Lotto that were also close to Matteo from a human point of view."

Asked if dating Alja Tomljanovic since July helped Berrettini, Rianna replied: "That was important too, at some point it came and it's definitely useful."