Bo Bichette Wants to Play a Game of Tennis with Eugenie Bouchard

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Bo Bichette Wants to Play a Game of Tennis with Eugenie Bouchard

Bo Bichette, the emerging star of the Toronto Blue Jays, loves baseball but is also a very good tennis player as he played the sport while he was growing up. The 21-year-old followed his father Dante into baseball but was a keen tennis player during his younger days and continues to have an interest in the sport to date.

On Thursday, Bichette asked Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard to play tennis with him - with the comment, “When you gonna let me get on the court with you??” While some were not sure whether he was asking Bouchard out or he actually wanted to play tennis, he did clarify that with a comment later saying, "Smh I just wanna play tennis 😂”.

Bichette's response came in after Bouchard posted a picture of herself, saying that she was going to a Halloween party as herself. If Bouchard does agree, it would not be the first time that the Canadian star would have agreed to an offer online.

Earlier, Bouchard had agreed to go out on a date with a fan who asked her out online. Bouchard is a former World No. 5 but she has slipped in the rankings. She is currently ranked No. 220 in the world. The Canadian would be hoping to have a better 2020 season as she does not have many points to defend from her current season.

The 22-year-old Canadian has been a Wimbledon finalist before and is hoping to come back to her former form of 2014 when she reached the semi-finals of three Grand Slam events.