Andres Mies and Kevin Krawietz Reflect on Unbelievable 2019 Season


Andres Mies and Kevin Krawietz Reflect on Unbelievable 2019 Season

Tennis - Doubles players Andreas Mies and Kevin Krawietz say that qualifying for the season-ending ATP Finals in London is the crowning glory of an incredible tennis season. In an interview with Tennisnet, Mies says, "I have to confess honestly that sometimes I catch myself at the thought: It's amazing what happened this year!

"That's a highlight (qualifying for London) and then we're celebrating our childhood dream with the Davis Cup - there's no better year-end." The duo is also looking forward to playing for Germany in the Davis Cup in Madrid after the ATP Finals.

Krawietz says, "I looked at Davis Cup from an early age, Becker, Stich. The captain Kohlmann nominated us which shows that we were not a one-hit-wonder." Mies says that winning in Paris has given them tremendous self-confidence.

"Such a Grand Slam victory gives you a lot of self-confidence, of course, and if you doubt anything about yourself then you do not have them all anymore. We believe we can achieve anything in tennis." Besides winning the French Open, the duo also won the ATP titles in New York and Antwerp besides reaching the semi-finals of the US Open and say that they want to make sure they continue to have fun on the court when playing.

"We have to make sure that we keep the carefreeness and the fun factor in the matches, which are high on our list:, says Krawietz. The duo also hopes to add a fitness trainer for up to 15 weeks next season, something they could not have dreamt of last season.

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