Halep’s ready for next season: “Let’s kick off 2020 with a big smile”

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Halep’s ready for next season: “Let’s kick off 2020 with a big smile”

Simona Halep is eager to start the 2020 season after she accomplished her Wimbledon dream this year. The Romanian champion is happy that she will have Darren Cahill by her side and she can’t wait to start training immediately after the holidays.

“Another year bites the dust. Massive thank you to all of my team, family, friends and fans. A year filled with great memories of a dream come true at the most beautiful tennis club in the world @wimbledon and a top 4 finish for the 6th year in a row.

And now, let s kick off 2020 with a big smile as D is back in my team. But not yet , holiday first 😝 Special thanks to a special person @dc10s [Darren Cahill]” said Halep in a wrap-up Instagram post. It didn’t take long for Cahill, who took a break from coaching in 2019 due to family reasons, to respond on Simona’s statement.

Besides congratulating his player, Darren made sure to transmit well-wishes to Halep’s boyfriend and her whole team as well. “It looks like you’ve already started training, no? Well done on another great year Simo.

Enjoy your holidays and can’t wait for next year. Big hugs to Toni, Daniel, Theo & Marian, and of course you!Congrats rockstar”, was Cahill’s comment. Both Halep and Cahill can't wait to start 2020. Should we expect a novel Grand Slam from Halep this year? It remains to be seen.