Kirsten Flipkens captures Houston Challenger title from Vandeweghe

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Kirsten Flipkens captures Houston Challenger title from Vandeweghe

It's been seven years that Kirsten Flipkens won a singles title and that was back in 2012 at Tournoi in Quebec, Canada. Here at the Oracle Challenger at Houston, Texas, the Belgian couldn't see another winning opportunity go onto someone else's racket.

She fought and adjusted her strategies to win her rounds defeating her much younger opponents CiCi Bellis and Caty McNally. The veteran Irina Falconi another competitor who had to give Flipkens a bit of trouble, causing her on occasion to take off her brown tinted sunglasses clearing away perspiration fo her face.

She'd use the basics to stay consistent and won over Falconi in the semifinal. Flipkens would make things count in the final to win over a strong comrade CoCo Vandeweghe 7-6, 6-4 in the championship round for the title.

Finals can be a two-edged sword and once there she had to play tough and gritty on her fiery American opponent. They had met three times before with the aggressive American having a 2 to 1 edge. It wasn't long before Kristen went about dictating shots like she should have to attempt a win.

"In the beginning, she played really well. She was up 2-0, 15-40 on my serve" Kirsten acknowledged. But getting the upper hand and win took assertion Flipkens knew, saying "..if I wasn't going to play a little more aggressive...that wasn't going to work...every opportunity I would get, I had to take it and go for it."

The issue may have been not getting the chance to score but making shots work. Vandeweghe gave credit saying "..she mixed up the pace really well...she passed really well when I was up at the net, kept me on my toes by not being predictable.

" These tactics are all common knowledge when feeling sure and confident but Flipkens definitely had the advantage and was able to execute when it mattered. Kristen Flipkens hasn't been in this position for a long time and feels that "It's an awesome feeling to end the season on a win.

" She knows it makes her feel uplifted and "It gives me a lot of satisfaction going into the 2020 season."