Stefanos Tsitsipas raises money through YouTube live video

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Stefanos Tsitsipas raises money through YouTube live video

Stefanos Tsitsipas, with his live YouTube channel, raised $1,000 euros for the charity association named, Together for Children. He also answered fans' questions. He started the video by saying: "I did not sleep at all!

Ok it's not like this, I fell asleep very late and I had to wake up in the morning to be interviewed by BBC." He also spoke about his charity activity: "You can donate through this Live for the Kids. It will be great and every euros will go there.

I like helping." His favorite TV series: "The Stranger Things but also Papel Home. But Stranger Things is great." His favorite game: "Grand Theft Auto and Assasins Creed" His favorite song: "Take with the arms of Constantine Silver."

What he will do in the following days: "For 3-4 days in Island, then two days in Greece and then Cyprus." His favorite actor: "Margot Robbie. I saw it at the Suicide Squad, it was great." His favorite singer: "Shakira" Favorite athlete: "Yannis Antetokounbos."

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