Julia Goerges Announces New Team for 2020 Season

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Julia Goerges Announces New Team for 2020 Season

31-year-old Julia Goerges has announced her new team for the 2020 season - Gorges will be coached by former Fed Cup team boss Jens Gerlach and she will also be working with physiotherapist Jorg Fauland. Goerges finished the season at No.

28 in the world rankings. The German announced, "I've had some problems this year, but with my new team, I'll be taking the momentum from the last tournament in Luxembourg to the preseason." Speaking about his new position, Fauland says, "A colleague there asked me if I could imagine accompanying Julia Görges as a physiotherapist to two WTA tournaments in Linz and Luxembourg.

I enjoy working in the field. But it also appealed to me to be able to look after an athlete more intensively but my family has priority. And of course, the practice (he has his own physiotherapy practice) has to run, of course.

But my wife supports me, she keeps my back free, I'll give her that high. It (meeting with Gorges) was a journey into the unknown, but it worked immediately, we got along just fine. Of course, this is a completely different work than in practice.

A full-time job." Gorges had split with earlier coach Sebastian Sachs earlier this month, whom she had been working with since May, as well as physiotherapist Florian Zitzelsberger. Now, she will be working with Gerlach, who also stepped in to coach her in Linz. He has now been released from his position in the German Tennis Federation and will work full-time with Goerges.