Kiki Bertens Speaks About the Split from Coach Raemon Sluiter

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Kiki Bertens Speaks About the Split from Coach Raemon Sluiter

Dutchwoman Kiki Bertens says it splitting from coach Raemon Sluiter was a difficult decision but she is proud that she was able to take the hard decision. Speaking to AD on the split from her coach and working with new coach Elise Tamaela, Bertens says, "Of course it was difficult.

But I am one hundred percent behind this. Raemon always wanted me to take responsibility for my career. I am proud that I was able and able to do this now. It (traveling with Elise) was quiet, I could be myself completely and it went a bit more naturally than with Raemon."

Bertens said Sluiter had some different viewpoints on certain topics. "Raemon wanted to go deep. For example, looking back at video images. I had no energy for that at the time, nor did I want to do something new in the middle of a season.

But that does not mean that I never want to go into the depths. Or that I am not hard enough for myself. I think there is no one harder for me than myself. Sometimes it was more important to Raemon how I behaved on the court rather than if I won the game.

For me, winning is always the most important thing. But believe me, I also know that it is not okay if I say something bad about someone in the audience during a game break. But sometimes something has to be removed. " Bertens said that the two had parted ways on good terms "I sat with him last week, we laughed a lot.

I'm going to miss Raemon, of course. It took some getting used to in Asia, without him. I look back on a very beautiful process. Thanks to him I grew as a person and a player. Many players or coaches had already stopped after the tough first months that we had.

We have always continued. I have won great titles together, had a lot of fun and overcome the necessary setbacks. It is intense to be together day in day out. And Raemon was even more involved with it than I was. That makes him a very good coach, but it was also tough. I hope that I can take an extra step with a new incentive."