Boris Becker Would Like to be Debt-Free by End of this Year

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Boris Becker Would Like to be Debt-Free by End of this Year

Six-time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker says he would like to be debt-free by the end of the year, according to PressPortal. Becker has been bankrupt in the United Kingdom since June 2017 but recently, the bank Arbuthnot Lathem, which had triggered the case with a claim in 2017, withdrew from the bankruptcy proceedings.

In an interview published by Presseportal, Becker says, "I'm fighting to have this procedure annulled - to be treated again as if this bankruptcy never happened. Meanwhile, the English private bank has been fully satisfied.

The bank was able to indemnify me on my Finca, which I owned in Mallorca." In the bankruptcy proceedings, there have been claims of more than 55 million euros by 15 creditors, including a claim of 38 million Euros by Becker's former business partner Hans-Dieter Cleven.

Becker says he rejects these demands and wants to take legal action against them. "I deny these demands.I filed a lawsuit in Switzerland to let it be known that these claims are unjustified. I assumed that Mr. Cleven needs these contracts only if he gets problems with the German tax.

Not only did not I get the money paid out. There are also positions that do not concern me. " While generally, insolvency proceedings in the United Kingdom end after one year, in Becker's case, the same seems to have been extended as he did not show as much cooperation during the proceedings."

It is correct that I received this penalty due to the delayed flow of information in the insolvency proceedings. It says that I can no longer be the CEO of an English company until 2031. I have accepted that and am glad that the investigation is now complete. It remains true: If I have paid my debts, I'm free again."