The Bianca Andreescu factor will be tested strongly in 2020

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The Bianca Andreescu factor will be tested strongly in 2020

"We are seeing a few doctors now and it looks like she is going to need some time off and a rehab," Bianca Andreescu's coach Sylvain Bruneau had said. The Canadian teen is really better than her last stance as the last time on court she played the WTA Final but had to bow in the final match.

It was a knee injury that had put a hurting not only on her physically but mentally. Andreescu had cracked the Top 5 and captured the Rogers Cup and the U.S. Open but qualifying for the WTA Shenzhen was a dream come true.

It was a clear cut win at the first round but the second with Karolina Pliskov proved too much for the teen as she'd twisted her knee. It was the MRI scan that told the tale and she sadly withdrew professing that she would be back stronger and healthier.

Previous to the bum knee was a shoulder injury back in May at the Miami Open and then a back injury. It's of concern now of the knee and if it's a meniscus problem, rest and exercise. Some situations may require surgery which would put her out of commission for nearly two months but more tests are needed.

There is mention now as a prelude to the 2020 season of Andreescu appearing at the Auckland tournament this January. There is the probability of she playing opposite Coco Gauff, a feisty, very active player that may be a physical test fo the Canadian teen's body as well as her strategic performances.

Andreescu would want to be completely healed by the time this new season unfolds, but the memory of her knee injury rings constantly in her mind as she remembers "I stepped weirdly on a return...I heard my knee crack.

It kind of went inwards. Putting pressure afterward on it really bothered me. I could barely bend my knee." She will be taking care of the knee and looks back so far in her career saying "I mad History in Canada. I won my first slam.

My game just keeps getting better and better." Andreescu knows that when she's at her peak, she's nearly unstoppable. There were wins over Serena Williams, Elise Mertens, and Sofia Kenin to name a few. She gets really saying "Hopefully I can recover quickly after this.

Who knows if I can play. We'll see. If not I'm going to have a good pre-season, good-off season, be ready for 2020.