Marin Cilic: I Will be Ready to Play ATP Cup in January

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Marin Cilic: I Will be Ready to Play ATP Cup in January

Croatian Marin Cilic, who had to miss the Davis Cup due to knee injuries, has said that his knee is feeling better now and that he plans to start the new season in Australia for the ATP Cup. Cilic says, "I started to train slowly, to be ready for the winter preparation that will start in about ten days.

There will be time to do it all. Wayne Ferriera (his coach) will come to Zagreb and then we will also be in Australia for the ATP Cup: we play in the Sydney group and the first match is scheduled for January 4th." Cilic says, as of now, he has not planned any tournaments beyond the Australian circuit and is unsure about playing Croatia's tie in the Davis Cup against India or Pakistan as he wants to see how his knees hold up and also since his wife is due to give birth to their first child in February

Speaking about Croatia's performance in the recently concluded Davis Cup, Cilic says, "We already knew before that it was hard to pass in such a difficult group, with Spain and Russia.

Besides me not playing, there were also Borna's problems, It is how it went." On the issue of Davis Cup captaincy for Croatia, Cilic says, "Goran will be difficult to convince, if all things are not properly organized, at all levels.

We must realize that in Croatian tennis we are at a high level. I can only say that certain things must not be repeated. We all know that the 'timing' of the exemption of Krajan was bad. Honestly, I didn't know anything, I heard from the media.

This is why I say that certain things must not be repeated. This is an example of bad communication." Finally, on the issue of the merger of the ATP Cup and Davis Cup, Cilic also hopes that the two bodies would speak to each other and come to an agreement to merge the two competitions.

"Finally, the ATP and ITF have started talking to each other after some years. It has happened in all these years: from the ATP that has removed the points for the Olympic tournament, to the ITF that has not listened to what the players said.

It is known that the calendar is too full, there was also the proposal that the Davis Cup finalists could skip the first round, but it did not pass. We will see what the possibilities are and how much both parties are willing to come together in the interests of all ”.