Runner-up Thiem tracked ATP Finals’ champion Tsitsipas in Iceland

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Runner-up Thiem tracked ATP Finals’ champion Tsitsipas in Iceland

Dominic Thiem followed Tsitsipas — who denied the Austrian’s attempt at the ATP Finals title just a couple of weeks ago — in Iceland where both have experienced great adventures after a tiring tennis season..

The first one to make it to Iceland was Stefanos, who trained with world’s strongest Icelandic man, explored the insides of a crashed plane and put together another one of his famous vlogs. “My trip to this unrealistic piece of land, the so-called Iceland has come to an end but, I see it more as a beginning, a starting point.

I witnessed things with my eyes. Surrounded by beauty and pleasantness. A journey which educated me and made me love even more! I feel fortunate to be living life with such entity. It was more than photographs of beautiful landscapes, breathtaking sceneries and gracious people, that made me feel things as a person.

This was more of a fragrance enhanced with adoration. A sense of achievement. This “Icelandic Odyssey” was something extraordinary. A cold body carries a warm heart. That’s something that I learnt from this trip.

By the way, I feel like a Viking now!”, was Tsitsipas overview of his Nordic trip.

After Stefanos announced his depart from Iceland, Thiem acknowledged his Instagram fans that he’s leaving Iceland as well and that he will start preparing for 2020.

Domi inserted a little joke at the end of his caption saying that he couldn’t find Tsitsipas although they were in the same small country at the same time. “I had a great time in Iceland, what a beautiful and unique country.

Now it’s time to prepare for 2020”. PS: I also rented an ATV to race with you @stefanostsitsipas98, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find you anywhere”. said Thiem.

In conclusion, it’s nice to see two top players bonding a friendship and not holding grudges even if they just settled an important title.