Sloane Stephens trains with future husband Altidore after Thanksgiving

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Sloane Stephens trains with future husband Altidore after Thanksgiving

Maybe the fittest player in the WTA tour, Sloane Stephens, doesn’t get out of the gym even if she’s on holiday. What’s different this time is that she brought her future husband, Toronto FC’s football player Jozy Altidore, into the iron temple.

Both parts of the couple posted on Instagram about their shared workout that included a large variety of exercises including push-ups, hip lifts and a series of planks.

Putting in that post thanksgiving work with wifey 💪🏾💪🏾

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Even if Altidore wanted to burn all the surplus calories gained from all the Thanksgiving meals he had, Stephens craved for a good gym selfie.

Apparently, Jozy was quite an obstruction in Sloane’s search for the perfect selfie.

When you’re trying to take a cute gym selfie and he decides to channel dragon ball z

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Stephens and Altidore have known each other for a long time, They were childhood friends who met at the IMG Academy.

He, for soccer and she for tennis. Sloane Stephens and Jozy Altidore started dating at the beginning of 2016 and both have made major accomplishments with their career since then. Find out more about their relationship here. Also, if you want to learn more about the 2017 US Open winner’s pre-match routine and some of her favorite meals, you should know that she unveiled her match-day ritual.