Coco Gauff reacts to 10-victim shooting spree in hometown New Orleans

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Coco Gauff reacts to 10-victim shooting spree in hometown New Orleans

Wimbledon wonder Cori ‘Coco’ Gauff sent her prayers to the ten people who were hit Sunday morning in the French Quarter of New Orleans during a reckless shooting. The tragic event happened just 3 miles away from Tulane University, the place where Gauff trained with her dad and two brothers, 12-year-old Cody and 6-year-old Cam, on Thanksgiving day.

It’s worth mentioning that a large part of the Gauff family lives in New Orleans, especially those linked with Coco’s dad, Corey. Touched by the events, Gauff posted a story on Instagram through which she sent her prayers to the 10 victims of the shootout.

Two of the victims were crucially wounded, according to the New Orleans Police Department as quoted by CNN. “Prayers going up”, was Gauff’s message on her Instagram story. Concerning the shooter, it is still unknown because the surrounding area was heavily crowded due to an important football game.

“One person was detained near the shooting on the edge of the city's historic French Quarter but was later released,'' police said as quoted by CNN. "Unfortunately, there were so many people out here we were unable to determine who was actually firing the shots at that time," said New Orleans Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson in a press conference on Sunday.

Investigations are undergoing. New Orleans’ Mayor and Ferguson made clear statements that they will do everything they can to arrest the one behind the shootings.