Kiki Bertens Moves Closer to Competing in Tokyo Olympics

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Kiki Bertens Moves Closer to Competing in Tokyo Olympics

The participation of Dutchwoman Kiki Bertens in the Tokyo Olympics next season is more likely with the decision of the Dutch chef de mission Peter van den Hoogenband to allow athletes to be part of the opening ceremony and that Bertens can travel with her own team to Tokyo.

Bertens had earlier said these two, along with some discussions related to financial commitments for playing the Fed Cup, were the main driving points behind her decision on whether she would compete at the Games in Tokyo next year.

According to, Bertens says, "That (being part of the opening ceremony) is a plus. And I have been told by NOC * NSF that I can go to Tokyo with my own team. So those are already two advantages. If that were not possible, it would soon have been clear.

Participation in the Fed Cup also has certain consequences for me. I could miss 80,000 euros in the match against Belarus in St Petersburg. I don't need to get that amount back. I also don't have to earn money from the Fed Cup; we have to see if we can cross it against each other.

Money is not the driving force. But to set everything aside for the Fed Cup and set my career aside without anything in return. Good agreements will have to be made." Bertens, who peaked at No. 4 in the world rankings earlier this year, and is currently ranked No.

9, will continue her discussions with the Dutch officials in the coming days. She is likely to partner with Demi Schuurs in Tokyo - which would put them in a good spot for a medal in the women's doubles event, besides playing the singles event.