Michael Tauson Hopes Wozniacki Would Continue till Olympics or US Open

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Michael Tauson Hopes Wozniacki Would Continue till Olympics or US Open

Former Danish tennis expert Michael Tauson, who is now one of the top experts in tennis in the country, says that he thought Caroline Wozniacki would continue playing till the US Open or the Olympics but respects her decision to stop at the same time.

Wozniacki has announced that she would retire after the Australian Open, the tournament where she won her only Grand Slam in 2018. Speaking to BT, Tauson says, "I actually thought she would play the US Open or the Olympics.

At least I had hoped for that, because the level of continuing is still there. But it's also about desire and motivation, and that's where I just think the time was right for her. She has so much experience. and I am sure it is a wise decision.

After all, everyone has known that the retirement would be sooner rather than later. But it happens so early, it still surprises me a bit. She has such great memories from there (Australia), and I'm sure she's going to end well.

It's a bit far to go to Australia just to wave and then stop. But maybe she goes all the way. That could be fun. She probably wants to cherish her brand as well, and I imagine she would like to stop at the top." When asked if Wozniacki could have returned to the top in case she continued to play for a longer time, Tauson responds, "It's hard to assess.

She may well, but she may have also thought that more and more young players are coming and that could be difficult. But again, it's all about desire and motivation. And I think she's done it because it's the right time for her.

Caroline has meant everything to Danish tennis and sports. She has shown it many times. But she has also talked for a long time about having children, and she might just prioritize other things now."