Branding Experts On Wozniacki's Post Retirement Opportunities

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Branding Experts On Wozniacki's Post Retirement Opportunities

Michael Mortenson, the former coach of Denmark's Caroline Wozniacki, says the Dane will have plenty of opportunities once she hangs up her rackets after the Australian Open in Melbourne. Speaking to BT, Mortenson says, "All doors are open to Caroline.

She is, after all, a versatile woman. But since she has always had Adidas as a sponsor, there is a very special connection between them. As I understand it, Caroline is embarking on her rheumatoid arthritis project, and if she is successful with her family-raising plans, it may well be that for a few years she will pull the plug in public.

Caroline has, as far as I know, no coach ambitions. On the other hand, I can easily see her as a commentator and semi-actor." Meanwhile, Thomas Badura, director of the media agency SponsorPeople, says that Wozniacki's decision to announce her retirement on American television means that she is likely to focus on the American market to remain in the public eye.

"Once again Caroline was provided proof that she thinks more commercially than most other Danish top athletes. The news was launched live on American Morning TV. It was no coincidence. You could say she understood the gamut.

There is now a time when she probably decides to settle in the United States and where the sponsorship market is the world's largest. " A renowned researcher in sports economics and branding Kenneth Cortsen agrees with Badura commented, "Wozniacki's future job opportunities are endless.

I understand very well that, immediately after her career break, she gets involved in a rheumatoid arthritis project. It is a disease that she is severely affected by and which she would like to help minimize the genes. She has been number one on the world rankings, won a grand slam tournament and made lots of money.

I am confident that she will be the perfect advisor for future stars. (In case of Annika Sorenstam) After setting her career, she extended her brand by becoming a kind of ambassador for her sport. Among other things, she began designing golf courses, as well as establishing her own training academy.

With all the money Wozniacki has collected in her career, her possibilities for something similar will definitely exist. She is an energetic person, so something exciting must happen. Maybe it could be interesting to do as Annika Sorenstam did her own clothing series.

Wozniacki has for many years been working closely with Stella McCartney, who, as you know, has designed her Adidas suits."