I would probably never remarry Bjorn Borg, says singer Loredana Bertè

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I would probably never remarry Bjorn Borg, says singer Loredana Bertè

Loredana Bertè got married twice, one of which was to 11-time Grand Slam winner Bjorn Borg who had a pretty difficult relationship with the singer. Bertè admitted that the break-up with the Swede was drastic. "I split with my most recent husband hitting him pretty hard in the hotel because I believed that he was calling the reception for a sandwich club and instead he called two whores!" The first with a date between Borg and the Italian was in 1973 while Borg was in Paris for a tennis match.

At the time the rocker was dating the 1976 French Open winner Adriano Panatta. "My love, I have to dominate this Swedish guy so we go dinner together," Panatta told Loredana before defeating the rival. This is what Bertè wrote on her book speaking of that night.

They got married in 1989 in Milan, Italy, then they also moved to Sweden but it quickly ended as Borg was taking cocaine. "Looking back, I would never remarry probably," Bertè told Chi Magazine. "The wedding with Borg deeply disappointed me.

At the beginning of our relationship, he surprised me as we were having a good time together, then things changed. I got married to him because he was like, I love you, honey. Then he changed as a person. I also lost money with him.

I was paying all the time, the billionaires never have money in their pocket. I was jeaulous of the cocaine. He told me to take it together, and in order to understand what he was feeling and in order to be closer to him, I accepted."