World's worst tennis player accused of betting involvement

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World's worst tennis player accused of betting involvement

Ukrainian Artem Bahmet failed to win a single point and helped his opponent, Thailand’s Krittin Koaykul, to delight the spectators with a ‘golden match’ in the qualifiers of a $15.000 Futures tournament played in Doha.

Bahmet became famous overnight after his extremely poor performance on the tennis court. His 6/0, 6.0 defeat came after he lost all the 48 played points against world’s number 1367, Krittin Koaykul, who depleted almost no effort in his march to victory.

After all, he didn’t even have to as Artem could barely hit the ball over the net. Although it’s hard to imagine that Artem has ever been involved in a tennis match before, here he is competing in the ITF’s Men’s World Tennis Circuit after he paid a small tax of just 27 pounds for his entry.

He could have multiplied his investment four times if he would have got past the qualifiers, but he couldn’t have been farther from that. However, after Bahmet caught the headlines around the world, suspicions about a possible attack on the integrity of tennis have aroused.

In a bettors forum, people have made some alerting affirmations. “Bets on this match paid for a trip of two people to Doha and a week in an excellent hotel, and also earned good money from above. And this is only part of the potential profit from the trip.

All week, Mont and Artem will be at the tournament, give forecasts directly from the courts, and next week they will again play in qualifications and bet against themselves”. , The Telegraph reported. The ease of Artem’s entrance in the qualifiers was dazzling.

A player like him could have been easily beaten even by a kid with some basic tennis technique, so measures must be taken.