Naikhta Bains Proud of Indian Roots But Will Continue Playing for Britain

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Naikhta Bains Proud of Indian Roots But Will Continue Playing for Britain

Tennis - 21-year-old Naiktha Bains, who was earlier playing under the Australian flag, is now playing under the British flag and says she always thought she would play under the British flag one day. In an interview to The Times of India, Bains says, "I always wanted to represent my country of birth.

I just lived in Australia and therefore played to the highest level I could there. Things happened by themselves. But when I was given a choice I was always going to decide to play for where I was born. It is a personal decision.

That is where I was from and wanted to represent. When I was younger, I probably did see myself playing for Great Britain. It was a choice I was going to make. It was probably in the back of my mind." Bains was born to Indian parents in England but moved to Australia with her parents at the age of eight but earlier this year, she decided she would play under the British flag.

"I was always in Europe, playing tournaments. We always used to go back to England. I still knew everyone there, even the players I played in juniors. We just lived in Australia, a bit further away from England, that's all."

Bains adds that she has no plans to represent India as she was born in England so she will always be English and play under their flag. However, she maintains that she loves her Indian roots, especially Indian food back home.

"I am always eating Indian food, to be honest. My grandma is making Indian food for my grandpa and when I come home from training I eat what she makes. I love it. I don't really get told what to eat and what not to eat because for me it's a bit different.

I am actually getting bigger and stronger, so I get to eat a lot. I am proud to be Indian obviously. I am Indian and always going to be Indian. But I was born in England, so I am English. At the end of the day I am going to represent (the country) where I was born, so that probably isn't going to change, to be honest.

I love coming here, will do as much as I can for India but representation wise will probably remain English because I was born there."

Seeded 5 at this week's ITF event in India, Bains is through to the quarter-finals where she will meet Thailand's Punnin Kovapitukted.