Kristie Boogert and Jacco Eltingh on Kiki Bertens and Her Olympic Dilemma

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Kristie Boogert and Jacco Eltingh on Kiki Bertens and Her Olympic Dilemma

Former Olympic silver medalist Kristie Boogert says she looks back at her appearance at the 2000 Olympic Games as one of the best experiences of her career and says she would strongly advise Kiki Bertens to go to play the Olympics in Tokyo next year.

Boogert won the silver medal at the 2000 Sydney Games with Miriam Oremans. In an interview with NOS, Boogert says, "I thought it was very special. I would go again. Absolutely. It is my most beautiful sporting experience ever.

I understand her dilemma, but the Olympic Games are only once every four years. Moreover, she can play in three events and in all events, she is the medal candidate. I think if you can play for a medal. It's something very beautiful that goes into history.

And a very nice addition to the prizes she already has." Meanwhile, Jacco Eltingh, the technical director of the KNLTB, feels that Bertens should only play in Tokyo if she wants to play herself rather than go out of a sense of loyalty.

"No, there is no reason why she should say yes from a sense of loyalty that I have to give something back to the KNLTB. Anything. If that were already the case, then that has already happened." Being a former player, Eltingh empathizes with Bertens and says it is difficult for tennis players because the Slams are very important to them as well.

"She knows she can't peak like in other sports and then take six weeks off. That's just not part of our sport. The grand slams are the most important thing. You have to work towards that. And having a top ranking is also incredibly important.

Kiki must now indicate which swing she is in and where she wants the biggest peak. At the same time, she will have to play again in the Fed Cup. And there is only one more opportunity for that, at home against Belarus in February. That is important for her to get the last checkmark to be eligible to play in Tokyo."