Another Betting Scandal in Tennis - Top 30 Player Among 135 Players Suspected

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Another Betting Scandal in Tennis - Top 30 Player Among 135 Players Suspected

Tennis - Another match-fixing scandal is breaking in the world of tennis with reports from ZDF and WELT in Germany indicating that up to 135 players may be involved in this latest scandal with a German player, as well as a Top 30 player, are also being probably involved, according to WELT.

The report says that the investigation has been going on for more than one year and across several countries, including Belgium, Spain, France and the United States with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation also contacting Belgian investigators.

Eric Bisschop, Deputy Prosecutor General in Belgium and investigator involved, commented, "This is about the network of an Armenian betting mafia that has spread across seven countries in Europe and that has been highly intelligent and cheated on a large scale.

This mafia is very structured, it has people who are responsible for the accounts, others who wash the money and people who establish contact with the players." According to the report, hundreds of small amounts are sometimes bet on manipulated games, and this in close consultation with involved tennis players, totaling tens of thousands of euros on each match.

Tennis has long been under the scanner for match-fixing because of the high number of matches, especially on the lower circuit which does not pay out enough or any money to the players involved. The Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) has already issued bans against more than 20 players, men and women in 2019 alone. The current investigation is nearing completion and the results are expected to be announced in a few months.