Retired Canadian Tennis Player Aleksandra Wozniak is Happy in Life Outside Tennis

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Retired Canadian Tennis Player Aleksandra Wozniak is Happy in Life Outside Tennis

Tennis - Retired Canadian tennis player Aleksandra Wozniak says she is happy in real life, one year after retiring from the sport due to injuries. In an interview to LaPresse, Wozniacki says, "I had no plan B or any offer.

It was when I announced my retirement that I was approached for various projects. In January and February, I calmly adjusted. I'm glad I was able to open different chapters. I was able to get involved with different foundations like Le Renfort Grande Ligne, give conferences in schools or companies.

Starting several projects helped me make this adjustment. Wozniak also worked with a therapeutic clothing company, Elixir, and says she learned several new things on her new job. "I learned all kinds in this first profession outside of my sport: how to manage sales, how to organize events for 100, 200 or 400 people or how to manage a project.

I discovered a talent in terms of the organization's strategy. I did not go to university, but I had training which allowed me to like that." The Canadian, who peaked at No. 21 in the rankings in 2009, is in the process of obtaining her coaching certification from Tennis Canada and says she wants to continue to be involved in tennis through coaching or being a television commentator.

“I help young people with training or psychology in order to show what it takes to be professional. I want to share my experience with young people in their development. When I was a young girl, I would have liked to have help and meet people with a good life course to teach me new things.

" Spending time with her family is also one of the added benefits of being away from the professional circuit. “I'm going to see my 94-year-old grandmother. Last fall, I told her about my idea of ​​retiring.

His health is good. It's going to be fun to tell her about my new journey and everything I've done this year. We are going to visit Warsaw and Krakow, where I have never been to. Now that I am retired, I can visit my parents' country. It's something new. "