Aliona Bolsova on Goals for 2020: Become a Better Person and Athlete Every Day

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Aliona Bolsova on Goals for 2020: Become a Better Person and Athlete Every Day

Spain's Aliona Bolsova, who reached the fourth round of Roland Garros earlier this year as a qualifier, says she needs to become more aggressive in her game next year and wants to become a better athlete and person in 2020, in an interview to Marca.

The 22-year-old Bolsova says, "I have to be a little more aggressive because now all the players are playing very flat, very fast, two or three shots, and in the end, if you don't take the initiative, they win it.

I am a player who likes to build the point and give the game a little more pause, a bit like Carla Suárez, and I have to learn to take more initiative in the points." After peaking at No. 88 in the rankings, Bolsova ended the year ranked No.

115 and though she says that she does not want to focus on the rankings too much, she wants to be in the Top 100 as that would help her get into the main draw of the WTA events. "Obviously one of the objectives is to be in the top one hundred.

But, beyond that, I want to be better every day, as an athlete and as a person. The rest will come alone." Bolsova is one of the new talents from Spain along with Sara Sorribes Tormo and Paula Badosa, who are trying to emulate the likes of Garbine Muguruza and Carla Suarez.

"They are all great players, of course, and behind me, there are also many young people who come with a lot of strength. There is a lot of talent. In fact, I think Spanish tennis is great right now. You really have to have a lot of perseverance throughout the year and not get confused, because they all work very hard, they are all there every week and they can all win you one day, so you can't be more relaxed one game than another.

Each tournament is being won by a different player and new people are always coming in. That's why staying up is so complicated." Bolsova agrees that tennis is a very demanding sport and she has been working with a psychologist for some time.

"Tennis is a very hard sport on a mental level because it is very lonely. In the end, you are alone on the track, you travel all year round, you are very little at home, you have very little rest and that rhythm you must know how to take it. You have to learn to mature with all experiences and not let situations overcome you."