Fed Cup, Olympics and breaking into WTA top-10: Donna Vekic's 2020 goals

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Fed Cup, Olympics and breaking into WTA top-10: Donna Vekic's 2020 goals

Tennis - After achieving her best season to date in 2019 when she broke into the Top 20 of the world rankings for the first time, Croatian tennis star Donna Vekic says she hopes to break into the Top 10 of the world rankings in 2020.

In an interview to Ubitennis, Vekic speaks about her goals for next year which include the Fed Cup, the Olympics and the Top 10. "The Fed Cup format has changed, but next year we are still there, from where it is really difficult to get on.

The next year is also the Olympic year and I have qualified. Playing the Olympics has always been one of my goals and desires. I don't think this (the Top 10) is an incredible goal, but a realistic one. I beat several players in the top ten this year and it was no accident.

All of us top 30 are there at the same level." When asked what was missing from her game in order to take it to the next level, Vekic says, “Nothing in particular, but a little bit of everything. I still need some time and a bit of luck, already this year if 5-6 matches had turned in my favor I would now be in the top 10.

There is no big difference in terms of points and level. But everyone has their way of getting there, I grow from year to year. This season I have improved a lot physically, thanks to the work with Zlato Novkovic " Vekic says her high and low points of 2019 both came at the Slams.

"The quarterfinals in New York were the best moments of the season. The worst, the defeat against Riske in Wimbledon. I had high expectations for Wimbledon, even if the day before the draw I had already dreamed that I would play against Riske and it really ended up like this.

That defeat has stayed with me, but I will get better next time/" Vekic says she is glad to have a good team around her, especially her coach Torben Beltz. "I have a great team, we all have the same vision on how my path should develop and we feel good together.

We also feel comfortable off the pitch and even when I have some personal problems he ( Torben Beltz) is always there for me. He directed my work in the best possible way and that's why I trust him a lot. When we don't see it the same way in certain situations, I believe him."