Billie Jean King Tweets First Woman to Win a Match at Word Darts Championships

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Billie Jean King Tweets First Woman to Win a Match at Word Darts Championships

Billie Jean King is known for her stance on gender equaility. So it would come as no surprise that she sent out a tweet to the first woman to ever win a match in the World Darts Championship - except to the woman concerned herself.

Fallon Sherrock said that it was "incredible" to have the tennis legend tweet about her win. King tweeted about Sherrock after she won her first round match on Friday and then again when she stunned the 11th seed Mensur Suljovic on Saturday to continue her histroic run at the Championships.

Speaking to the BBC, Sherrock commented, "It hasn't all sunk in yet. I haven't had time to process the first game let alone this game. Then the fact that all these people are tweeting me, especially Billie Jean King.

Oh my god, I never thought someone like that would be contacting me or congratulating me or anything like that. I mean, this is me. I'm just a normal person. This stuff doesn't happen to me, but it's incredible and I'm loving it.

I was like, 'oh my god, I've just taken out one of the best men in the world' and then the audience just went mental. I turned round and I was in disbelief. I couldn't believe it. After it went in, then it (my heart) went 'boom!

boom! boom!', but when I was playing I was so calm, so relaxed. I've never felt so relaxed and so calm when I'm playing on a stage before. I'm loving it. It's brilliant." Speaking if she thought she could win the event, Sherrock commented, "Why not? The possibilities are endless now.

Who's to say that I can't? I'm so looking forward to my next game and then just take each one as it comes. Who's to say I can't?"