Angelique Kerber Speaks About Importance of Mental Strength in Sport

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Angelique Kerber Speaks About Importance of Mental Strength in Sport

Germany's Angelique Kerber is a three-time Grand Slam champion and a former World No. 1. In an interview to FitforFun, the German says she has learnt to deal with social media and also tries to keep herself calm in stressful situations through meditation.

The 31 year old Kerber, who is currently ranked No. 20 in the world, speaks about social media, saying, "They (social media) have become very important to me. So I can share what I do with my fans and be close to them. The new campaign by Head & Shoulders Suprême gets to the point: You should try to distinguish yourself from other people's judgments and to isolate yourself, rather do your own thing.

And have confidence in yourself. It's the same with me. I rarely read comments, and when I do I respond to the positive ones. You have to find a good mix of what you want to share and what you don't, because everyone is entitled to privacy.

I then really try to keep my distance, switch off and concentrate on myself. If you do what you love and what you are passionate about, these negative thoughts will never come." Speaking about trying to keep herself calm before a match, Kerber says, "You do the preliminary work, yes at home on the training ground, I can play.

You have to perform at the match, the concentration has to be right, your head clear. So I actually try to meditate a little beforehand, read a book, perform my rituals. So make your hair, put on your cap and go out to the square."

The German adds that mental strength is very important in tennis. "Very important! In sport, this can make up one or two points at the end. This self-confidence, the charisma next to the court. You radiate your inner strength - and that is where the most important thing is trust, belief and the mental.

I meditate from time to time and have learned to find this calm within me, that helps me in stressful situations. I like to challenge myself. It is important to have your goal in mind and not to be discouraged by setbacks."