Tommy Robredo Looking Forward to Re-Establishing Himself in 2020

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Tommy Robredo Looking Forward to Re-Establishing Himself in 2020

37-year-old Tommy Robredo says he is looking forward to the 2020 season with great enthusiasm, in an interview to Marca. The Spaniard, who was undergoing pre-season training in Barcelona, is ranked No. 205 in the world now and commented, "I feel good physically and with great enthusiasm for the new year.

I want to have good feelings on the track, be competitive in all tournaments and play in stages where I have not done it for a long time. Of course it is difficult to see yourself so low in the rankings, but I have not managed to maintain the level that I would like.

My goal now is to get out of there. I know it is complicated, but the difficult things are the more rewarding when they are achieved." Robredo will begin his season at the Australian Open in Melbourne, where he lost in the first round of qualifying in 2019.

He last played in the main draw in Melbourne in 2016, with hs best result coming here in 2007 where he reached the quarter-finals. "We will have to see how it came and how the draw takes place, but now I only consider going game by game and trying to win to score points.

I know that I must go step by step and that I cannot go from one day to the next to lose in the first round to win a tournament. But dreaming is free and of course I dream of winning again. If I did not have that dream I could not go to the court every week."

Although he is aware that his best times have passed, Robredo is not ready to retire just yet. "I want to give 100% this season and then we'll see what happens. If I had planned to leave it at the end of the year I would have no problem saying it, but that is that right now it does not go through my head.

I do not know how long I will be active, but whatever I want to be at a good level. After 20 years in the circuit I keep waking up every day wanting to take my racket and keep fighting for my great passion and the best sport in the world."

Robredo recently got married to his girlfriend of six years, Patricia Berga and says his wife continues to encourage him. "Being married does not influence me. She has known me as a tennis player, traveling, and is the first one that encourages me to do what I like most.

Do I miss spending more time at home? Of course, but I feel a privileged person to continue working on something that is my passion."