Jannik Sinner: I am Learning to Deal with the Pressure of Success

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Jannik Sinner: I am Learning to Deal with the Pressure of Success

Rising Italian tennis star Jannik Sinner says that there is additional pressure when one starts winning lot of matches on the tour but he is ready to deal with the attention that comes with success on the professional circuit.

Sinner started the year at No. 553 and ended the season as World No. 78 in his breakthrough year. According to Tennis.it, Sinner says, “The more you win and the more tension builds up on you, it works like this. Things around you change, even off the pitch.

But I haven't changed, I've found a way to manage excess attention: I don't care and I only think about what I do. At home mom and dad always taught me to be honest. I really hope I don't just stop at number 50 in the world.

I have to raise the tournament level, get to play lot of matches without losing the rhythm. My real target is continuity, because I am still discontinuous at high level." Sinner has often said he wants to be No. 1 in the world and says he sees no reason to hide the fact that he wants to be No.

1 in the world. “I realize it. But who doesn't want to become number one in the world? Then everyone has his own character: I was already a four-year-old ballbreaker, they tell me: when I wanted something I went to pick it up and stop.

I was like that even in skiing. But out of competition I joke and play a lot. Off the pitch I am still a child, I have a lot of fun and after all I think it is also right at this age not to take ourselves too seriously. In fact, I hope to remain a 'child' for as long as possible."