Joao Sousa: I like the New Format of Davis Cup Although...

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Joao Sousa: I like the New Format of Davis Cup Although...

Portuguese star Joao Sousa says he is quite happy with the new format of the Davis Cup Finals. Speaking to Agenca Lusa about the new format, Sousa says, "I really liked the format, in my opinion, it's much better. It's exhausting because it's been several days in a row, but it turns out to be more advantageous for nations and also more fun for fans.

I really enjoyed watching the Finals." The 30-year-old Sousa, who is ranked No. 60 in the world, says the new format does not favor Portugal as the team does not have a specialized doubles pair. “I think that disadvantages us a little, in the sense that I have to play the singles, then the doubles and then the singles again.

It's quite exhausting to play the doubles and the singles on the same day, it's something we've never done and it's pretty weird. But that's what they want to do and we are just players and we just stick to the rules, but the truth is that we, Portugal, do not favor this kind of format.

I've already exchanged discussions with the other players, with Pedro [Sousa], Gastão [Elias], João [Domingues], Kiko [Frederico Silva], we've been talking about it, and the truth is that we all agree that the format is not the best for us, but we accept it and try our best when we play, and it's been like that for the last two years."

However, Sousa says he was also very encouraged by the perseverance and professionalism of Roberto Bautista Agut, who overcame personal tragedy to help Spain win the Davis Cup this year. “It's an amazing example of perseverance and professionalism.

It's amazing what he did, and I think everyone was impressed with his courage, after everything that happened, and the desire to be present in the final. It had incredible value! ”