David Goffin needs you to save his former tennis school

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David Goffin needs you to save his former tennis school

Belgium’s first racquet David Goffin couldn’t stand the fact that the Euro Barchon Magic Tennis Club — the place where he was introduced into the art of tennis and, now, the home of hundreds of tennis enthusiasts and possible future players — is on the brink of vanishing due to a group of businessmen.

The site where the tennis club activates has been sold to a Flemish business group that intends to raze the courts, 6 indoor and 5 outdoor, to make room for offices. Practically, 600 members, 10 teachers, their students, and all the other tennis enthusiasts that practiced their favorite sport at the club will be left behind.

And it’s not like they have too many tennis clubs in Barchon. According to the petition, the region is lacking the kind of tennis complex that’s currently in imminent danger of destruction. The majority of people will not be able to play tennis in the winter anymore.

“This is where the whole story started for me. A beautiful club with a great tennis school... which could disappear! In order that the club remains, in order that the children continue to believe in their dreams… Please sign the petition!

#EuroTennisMagicBarchon”, Goffin said on Facebook. The petition hopes to change the mind of the authorities responsible for the construction permit granted to the Flemish group. Over 1 thousand people have already signed the petition.

If you want to give a hand, don’t think twice and do the same. Don't forget, "le petit" David Goffin asked for your help, so if you are a fan or you are just a tennis addict looking to protect 'the white sport', this is your chance to make a change.