Frenchman Manuel Guinard Aims to Break Into The Top 100

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Frenchman Manuel Guinard Aims to Break Into The Top 100

24-year-old Frenchman Manuel Guinard, currently ranked No. 293 in the world, says that his goal for the 2020 season is to break into the Top 100 of the world rankings. According to the Tennis Actu website, Guinard, who climbed from No.

587 at the end of January to No. 293 in the world rankings this year, hopes to improve in the singles & doubles rankings next season. "I started the year with the ITF reforms, I found myself ranked No. 450 and I also had all my points to defend in Rennes.

We had to adapt, play in Challengers and all that. So it was a complicated start to the season but in any case the start of the adaptation year. From there, I have finished with my best ranking in singles and doubles. I think I can progress in both the singles & doubles rankings.

The doubles is important too, especially financially, and I'm still No. 252 in the world without having played a lot of matches. I always do twice as much, to win the title, otherwise I don't do it. I always wanted to be top 100, we live very well and that's really the goal.

I try to always train by thinking about it. The Davis Cup still makes me dream even if I preferred the old system. The old format made me dream. Now I really dream of Roland Garros." Speaking about his time at the French Open earlier this year where he reached the final round of qualifying, Guinard says, "Roland Garros was above all the atmosphere, it was another world.

We are considered to be part of the elite. I have great memories of it. I would not even know where to start to talk about it ... Really a crazy atmosphere and people followed. I had the impression that people had followed us from A to Z when, usually, the qualifiers are quite low key.

It was amazing to be supported like that. All my friends and relatives were there. Even talking about it now, it still gives me a smile! Speaking about his goals for the next season, Guianrd says, "My training structure remains the same yes.

I'm staying in Rennes with Sébastien. We are on the same wavelength with Seb so there is no reason to change. I also have no objective in terms of ranking. It's the level of play that matters to me. If my level does not suit us, I include Seb in the reflection, there I change things. If my game is good, the ranking will follow. I want to evolve tactically and manage to hold out in matches."