Spirited Bianca Andreescu has sparkling performances dimmed by uncertainties

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Spirited Bianca Andreescu has sparkling performances dimmed by uncertainties

After blockbuster victories at the Rogers Cup and the U.S. Open continuing her striking mantra was a bit difficult to do. Bianca Andreescu became the Canadian princess when she won the Rogers Cup title over an injured Serena Williams.

It wasn't long before they'd meet again in the Open final as Andreescu would capture the crown at Flushing over Serena again but this time in straight sets. The 19-year-old had proven to be nearly invincible as she dismantled many top 20 ranking players to win two titles in a few months.

But the Asian Swing had been too challenging for the Canadian native as she bowed to Japan's Naomi Osaka in three sets at the China Open. The young Japanese had broken the Canadian's 17-match win streak gaining the self-confidence she needed to gather consistency in her matches.

Andreescu wasn't in a great mood on the loss and says that "I forgot how it felt and honestly it sucks. I didn't miss it." Osaka gave the Canadian kudos commenting that "I know that she's such an amazing player.

She's like on a 17-match winning streak or something crazy so I told myself I have to keep fighting," as the two had remarked to the WTA media. But failing to stay strong at the WTA Finals in the round-robin match, Bianca's luck and fortitude were running thin.

She had to retire with a knee injury during her battle with Karolina Pliskova. "I stepped weirdly on a return. I heard my knee crack. It kind of went inwards...I could barely bend my knee," the strongly built Canadian teen said disgustingly.

After the first set loss, she called it quits and walked bravely off-court waving to the disappointed crowd. Bianca Andreescu felt rest and therapies would prove miraculous for her knee ailment. "I told myself to never give up," she said accepting to appear at the Hawaii Open, her first time on the island.

It was obvious that her psychology was on point but not her injuries and she had to withdraw from the island tournament. It was her pesty knee ailment again. The situation is beginning to dig into her physical and mental capacities and she mentioned being able to play her first seasonal match at the ASB Classic in Auckland, New Zealand.

She might have met up with Cori Gauff for an exciting, tension-filled match but it wasn't meant to be. "I'm super disappointed about it. I spoke to my team and I really have to do what's best for my knee right now."

The Canadian's dream were squashed and she was hopeful of saying her return next year would be possible. The ASB Classic was a pivotal event for her at the start of the year were coming in as ranked in the 150s, she won three titles including her first career Grand Slam at the U.S.

Open. She's now ranked no. 5 in the world receiving awards and honors from her home country in Canada. The organizers are doubly frustrated by the teen's absence and say "We are disappointed not to welcome Bianca back and wish all the best for a speedy recovery."

Bianca Andreescu is in a situation of a rock and a hard place. It is a must to give her body a chance to rest but yet must stay in shape for the upcoming season slam in Australia. She is humbled to accept the WTA Newcomer of the Year Award and desperately wants to be healthy enough to make it to the Melbourne event. Bianca yearns to fulfill her dreams of doing well there for herself and her anxiously awaiting fans.