Thomas Fabbiano Aims for More Stability in the Coming Year

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Thomas Fabbiano Aims for More Stability in the Coming Year

30-year-old Thomas Fabbiano, ranked No. 114 in the world, says he hopes to do well in the big tournaments in 2020 and will hope to be more stable in the coming year, in an interview published by The Italian player says, “The year that is about to end was unique, because I only played 4 tournaments well, with 6-7 matches at the highest level, while in the others I was not able to maintain the same level.

The highs, however, were absolute and gave me exciting moments. The peak came at Wimbledon, with the win over Stefanos Tsitsipas. The matches previously played on the grass surface allowed me to arrive prepared at the moment and everything coincided perfectly.

In short, it was not a coincidence, I believe, but the result of accumulated experiences in that optimal situation." (Fabbiano had also reached the semi-finals in Eastbourne prior to Wimbledon, where he had entered the tournament as a qualifier.

That was his first semi-final on the ATP Tour as well) Fabbiano, who also reached the third round of the Australian Open in Melbourne in January, continued, "Usually my haul of points comes mainly from the Challengers, which has not given me much results this season.

I maintained the same ranking at the beginning of the year thanks to what was achieved at the Slams and the ATP level and this is a matter of personal pride. In 2020, I will try to repeat myself in the big tournaments and I will go in search of greater continuity."

The Italian player, who has been as high as No. 70 in the world, has won 6 titles on the ATP Challenger tour and 11 others on the ITF circuit.