Richard Krajicek: I am Grateful For My Life, For Everything I Can Do

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Richard Krajicek: I am Grateful For My Life, For Everything I Can Do

While many athletes have a difficult time adjusting to life after retirement, former Wimbledon champion Richard Krajicek is certainly not one of them. In an interview to the Dutch website, Krajieck says, "I am grateful for my life, for everything I can do.

I have good friends and am very happy with my wife and children. Daphne and I have been together for 25 years. It has flown by and that is positive. If it crawls by, is it usually negative right? Like: "Pfff ... finally, another year has passed."

The first few years after stopping tennis I felt much more unrest than now. Then Daphne and the children were my only support and I didn't know what else I wanted. " Krajicek says he wants to continue working as the Tournament Director for the ABN AMRO Tournament in Rotterdam but does not see himself as a full-time coach on the tour.

"I like that (Tournament Director of ABN AMRO) and it still gives me energy. (As a coach) I am still open for ten weeks a year, but it is not a must. A job as a head coach is difficult because then you always have to be there.

I do not want that." Krajicek also says that his friend Rodger gave him the idea to travel and now he loves making trips around the world with friends and family. "He is crazy about surfing and now does it a lot at the most beautiful surf spots in the world.

We have agreed that I will visit him at places where you can also cycle and / or play golf. I visited him in Mexico and after the US Open, we went to the Catskill Mountains, north of New York. Two great trips. " The Dutchman manages to cycle four times a week in order to keep fit.

"It is the only sport that I can do well after my knee surgery. And I find it incredibly fun." Speaking about his motto in life, Krajicek says, "I try to live by this motto. It is better not to reason from: 'I am happy if I achieve this or that.

It's how you live your life. That is luck for me. It's an open door, but I enjoy life now. In addition, you really do not have to go loose by drinking a lot or something. For me, that is traveling with the people dear to me"