Dimitar Kuzmanov: My next goal is to get back in the Top 300 as quickly as possible

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Dimitar Kuzmanov: My next goal is to get back in the Top 300 as quickly as possible

Bulgaria's Dimitar Kuzmanov says his goal is to get back into the Top 300 of the world rankings after injuries derailed his progress in 2019. He is currently ranked No. 423 in the world, a long way off from his career-best No.

249 that he achieved at the end of 2018. "My next goal is to get back in the top 300 as quickly as possible so that I can participate in the Challenger main draws." Speaking to the TennisKafe website, Kuzmanov says, "Even a 3-4 week absence makes a big impact off the court.

During that time, others train and play, and then you need at least three more weeks to get back. When it happens two or three times a year, it's very difficult. I lost a lot of points and positions in the rankings, I lost confidence, there were very difficult periods in which I had no motivation.

At these moments I was confronted with something that had never happened to me before - it is very strange when your schedule for the day, week or month at one point disappears. Suddenly you have nothing to do like the life of an active athlete is busy from morning till evening.

You have a lot of free time, and I didn't know how to handle it." Kuzmanov also talks about the importance of having a team to work with. "It is important for me not only to work together but also for everyone to understand and be family.

This is not a process that takes only two hours a day to train, but continues throughout the day in groups, even on social networks. This is the way to go forward. If one thinks he is just going to make it into the top 200 or top 100, as he repeats it, he believes it and has recorded two victories over someone - there is no way.

Without your people, the cause is lost." The end of the season did come with a turnaround and Kuzmanov won 14 of his last 16 matches on the tour. The Bulgarian says he likes to visit new places in his country whenever he is there.

"Every time I am in Bulgaria I try to visit new places as I have been to more places abroad than here. I like the mountains very much. This year I went to the Rila Lakes for the first time. I was to Koprivshtitsa. I go with friends and family because otherwise, I don't have time to see them and be with them.

" Kuzmanov is also studying Sports Management at the Varna Free University as he wants to continue in the field of sports once his tennis career is over. "I didn't want to do something just to finish. The two options were sports journalism or sports management. I plan to stay in sports and think about things from now on, I will not leave them for the rest of my career."