Arnaud Clement: Davis Cup and ATP Cup Are Weakening Each Other

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Arnaud Clement: Davis Cup and ATP Cup Are Weakening Each Other

Former French tennis star Arnaud Clement says that having two team competitions - the Davis Cup and the ATP Cup - does not make sense and that the two competitions should merge, according to an interview with the Ouest France website.

Clement, who was part of the French team that won the Davis Cup in 2001, says, “The two competitions are weakening each other. I can hardly imagine that the two could survive, but it is also hard to see them merge because there is real competition between the ITF and ATP."

Clement says it will be difficult to see who blinks first in this matter but adds that the success of the ATP Cup will play an important role in the eventual outcome. “It's hard to say, it depends a lot on the success of the ATP Cup.

As a former player, I would have liked to participate (in the ATP Cup). It's a good competition to start your season in a country where tournaments are well organized and players are well received. So I'm more worried about the Davis Cup ...

" Clement adds, "The Davis Cup has lost its essence. In addition, unlike other tournaments on the circuit, players do not lose points for poor performance at the ATP Cup. It's just a bonus for them. Everything is done to attract them."

The ATP Cup is underway in Australia and 24 nations will compete across 3 Australian cities. The Davis Cup was revamped at the end of last year to a one-week tournament in Madrid as compared to the traditional home and away format that had lasted for more than a century.