De Minaur points out Australian fires’ massacre — 500 million dead animals

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De Minaur points out Australian fires’ massacre — 500 million dead animals

Alex De Minaur, the Aussie who played a crucial part in bringing the first ATP Cup win in Australia’s palmares, has shared alerting statistics showing that the 2018 Californian fires and the 2019 Amazon wildfires had a much smaller impact than the bushfires that are currently destroying millions of hectares from the beautiful Australian continent.

De Minaur wanted to raise awareness on the fires crisis by sharing an insightful Instagram post to his over 148,000 followers. “Around 480 million non-human animals are feared dead in the so-called Australian bushfires, including nearly a third of the koalas in New South Wales’s main habitat (this number would not count smaller non-humans such as insects”, it is written in the post.

Besides the call-to-action present in the infographics, the comparison of the Australian crisis with the 2018 Californian fires and the infamous 2019 Amazon wildfires — that caught the headlines all over the world — is perfectly pointing out the severity of the situation.

While only about 900,000 hectares of the Amazon was burned last year and about 1,800,000 hectares of Californian land has been turned to ashes two years ago, a mind-blowing surface of 5,000,000 ha was dismantled until now.

And it is not over. “The fires have burned so fast that there has been significant mortality of animals in the trees, but there is such a big area now that is still on fire and still burning that we will probably never find the bodies,” said Mark Graham, Nature Conservation Council ecologist, as quoted by