Players react to ATP Cup national anthem gaffe

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Players react to ATP Cup national anthem gaffe

The widely-promoted ATP Cup, whose inaugural edition kicked off on January 3, 2020, started off on a sour note. Before Moldova and Belgium officially faced each other in the Ken Rosewall Arena, the wrong national anthem blared off the speakers to honor the former.

“At the start of the Moldova v Belgium match we mistakenly played the wrong national anthem for Moldova,” the ATP communicated in a social media message. Romania’s anthem was played instead. “We are sincerely sorry and have apologised personally to Team Moldova”.

While the press made a big point of not letting the ATP Cup organizers live down the mistake, Moldova’s Alexander Cozbinov seemed only mildly annoyed by the error. “I think putting on the wrong anthem for us is not a big deal.

But it wasn’t that hard to pick the right anthem,” Cozbinov, who played the singles match right after the mishap, told AFP. “Moldova and Romania have the same flag so probably that’s why they made a mistake.

Hopefully next time it’s going to be the right one”. Steve Darcis, who defeated Cozbinov in a over-three-hour long battle, had not realized what had happened until he got told about it. “I didn’t know, I was just surprised that they were not so much into it,” he declared. “I believe it’s bad”.