Novak Djokovic and his brother Marko in a rally that went viral

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Novak Djokovic and his brother Marko in a rally that went viral

Novak Djokovic, the 32-year-old hard-nosed spesh, has been getting a buzz out of his long start at the 2020 ATP Tours, while in a Friday (January 3rd) tweet, the unflagging Serbian showed he had not been wasting any chance at all to have some funs while sharing his remarkable tuning with the rest of the Serbian team.

Making a fun out of his soothing mini-tennis with his younger brother, Djokovic asked in his Friday’s (December 3rd) tweet saying, “There had been a match point between Marko and me. Was the last ball in or out? Please help us out.

It’s VERY important. ” The 'two-handed backhand' Belgrade with a flabbergasting $139,144,944 worth of prize moneys in his entire career, leading the tally of earnings, had finished his training session a day before his debut against South Africa, but did not disremember to lap up an entertaining mini-tennis rally in front of his younger brother Marko Djokovic, a 28-year-old Serbian pro and middle of the three children of Dijana & SrΔ‘an Djokovic.

Following a really spectacular session, the brothers could not find which way the last point would move out, but the amusing world’s No. 2 was not hesitant to ask his followers to disclose the interactions.