Naomi Osaka credits her parents & childhood to career success

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Naomi Osaka credits her parents & childhood to career success

Naomi Osaka, the 22-year-old Asian flair ranked as No. 1 in Women’s Singles, had credited her parents and an iron-willed childhood behind his career success in an interview with a press agency reporter later last year.

In point of fact, Naomi, the soul-stirring tennis glam who could serve at the speed of 125 miles per hour as a Bugatti Veyron venting out in the wind at a glimpse, was born in Japan to a Haitian father and a Japanese mother and that was how the youngest angel of tennis to be ranked as No.

1 got his tanned tone under a Boca Raton sun. At the age of fifteen, the insatiable jet-setting, possessing five titles on the WTA tour, entered into her first WTA Qualifying and six years alongside countless matches later the WTA had awarded the aggressive baseliner “Newcomer of the Year”.

Two years after that, at a match mingled with doubts, the enchanting raw-power had beaten Serena Williams 6-2, 6-4 to win her first US Open, following which she won the Australian Open, but tumbled at the green courts of Wimbledon, and now, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics lurking on the horizon remained as her first priority, the assiduous classy said in an interview with the press agency reporter.

Meanwhile, crediting her parents, in particular her father, who envisioned her daughters being tennis legends inspired by Richard William’s Visions of grandeur, Osaka said in the interview later last year while being asked whether a tennis path was pre-set for her, “My parents weren't exactly the richest, so what am I going to do? I'm not really the smartest.

I've been playing tennis my whole life, you know? So, there's nothing I can imagine myself doing. It's either I have to be the best or I'm going to be homeless. As I grew up, you know...I started thinking that those dreams, they're things that I really want to accomplish. So yeah, I think it was more like a push. ”