Novak Djokovic bows out of Adelaide tournament

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Novak Djokovic bows out of Adelaide tournament

"We know how disappointed Novak is about not being able to play in Adelaide this year and we hope to welcome him to the tournament next year," says the Adelaide tournament director Alistair MacDonald. The point of discussion is at first Novak Djokovic's acceptance into being the top card at the newly formed Adelaide International.

But this was before the Serb was doing well with another new formed ATP Cup. Djokovic is wholefully helping his Serbian countrymen win over their Russian competitors and may not want to stretch himself thin in accord with the soon to come Australian Open.

There are many moving parts of this 'down under' tournaments and events. The players want to come and do well in advance of the first grand slam of the year -- The Australian Open. But yet they firstly wouldn't want to be physically spent playing warm-up tournaments.

Another reason for players handling themselves delicately in playing tournaments is the Australian bushfires. It's been since September, Octover that people have been killed as well as thousands of animals that roam the area.

Evacuations have been ordered around the area with smoke and fires penetrating the surrounding environments. There has been order of nearly a quarter of a million to leave their homes as military and other firefighters have been ordered to take to the areas.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison even told personnel to be ready to move in to bushfire grounds if conditions changed for the worse. The raising temperatures and winds are making situations more difficult to contain. Players are in tournaments of the far surrounding areas of the fires as Auckland, Sydney and Adelaide.

They're not affected yet, but despite most donating to the Bushfires relief fund to help evacuate the fires, players are aware of their main purpose in Australia being at the grand slam. Novak Djokovic pulled the plug on the Adelaide tournament but who's to say how many more will or if the fires will be contained and totally extinguished so that the Australian Open may go on.