The man who stabbed Petra Kvitova gets sentence increased to 11 years

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The man who stabbed Petra Kvitova gets sentence increased to 11 years

Petra Kvitova, the unwavering Czeck tennis pro with 27 career singles titles, widely adored for her left-handed groundstrokes, was injured at a Tuesday (December 20th) more than three years earlier when an intruder attacked the unflagging two-times Wimbledon Champion with a knife at her home in the Czeck town of Prostejov.

Three months later, a regional court in the Czeck city of Brno had ruled that a Radim Zondra, who had grievously injured Petra Kvitova at her apartment, would serve eight years in prison, but Zondra pleaded not guilty and appealed, which in effect had goaded the state prosecutors to request a 12-year detention in prison for the accused.

Nonetheless, following a three-year-long legal battle, a High Court in the Czech city Olomouc had handed-over Zondra an eleven-year in the prison later last week. Besides, according to the court documents, Zondra, 33, went to Kvitova’s flat saying he was asked to inspect the boiler.

Shortly after that, as Kvitova turned back, Zondra grabbed the then-26-year-old tennis star from behind and held a knife to her throat, though Zondra’s motive still remained a mystery as the world’s No. 7 even had given 10,000 Czeck Crowns to Zonda to leave.

Later in the fight to free herself, Kvitova suffered severe wounds to her left hand, ligaments and tendons and underwent a four-hour long surgery on to her playing hand, while the doctors had warned she might not be back again into the playing arenas, however, against all of the odds, after three weeks in the post-op and four months of physiotherapy, the painstaking red-letter, Kvitova went back into the turf five months later, police files and hospital records revealed.

However, Petra Kvitova had yet to make a formal statement over Wednesday (January 8th) court verdict as the pertinacious Czeck spesh has been at the Brisbane International this week, warming up for the upcoming Australian open 2020, scheduled to start off by January 20th.